Foto soldadura ultrasonidos sachet

MEService has retrofited a top sealing group with ultrasonic welding technique in a horizontal form fill and seal machine which required full compliance with ATEX directive. The traditional top sealing group of this kind of machinery has been removed. Instead we have assembled a compact top welding group with auto-alignment system where the sonotrode and the anvil are located. The high-frequency ultrasonic acoustic vibrations are ideal to weld plastics regardless the product you pack. In this case an explosive and unstable product.

Zipper1 MINI

We have designed a compact zipper applicator to be retrofitted to any HFFS machine. The company policy to up-date machines to the most recent packging features has oriented our efforts to design a zipper applicator with parallel opening of the sealing jaws with oscillating motion. The front and rear sealing bars always meet in parallel when closing to perform the sealing of the zipper profile.

The operating system is more efficient since we seal at a lesser temperature to preserve the quality of the zipper material as well as the film structure.


MEService has developed a system to optimize a flow pack machine working in the meat industry to avoid package poor longitudinal sealing.  We have designed a fine adjustment system –accessible from outside the machine- of the sealing wheels pressure. The sealing wheels pressure can be fine adjusted by means of thumb wheels whenever necessary while machine is in operation. This system is recommended for machines packing under MAP conditions since packages with leakages are remarkably reduced.



Reparación Maquinaria

>> Horizontal Form Fill and Seal machines.

>> Vertical Form Fill and Seal machines.

>> Packaging flow-pack machines.

>> Thermo-forming and blister machines.  



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